Project Update: I-10 FMS, 83rd Avenue to Litchfield Road | Roadway Electric LLC

I-10 Project Update

Roadway Electric has started work on the I-10 FMS, 83rd Avenue to Litchfield Road project. Despite schedule challenges, Project Manager Pablo Luevano and Area Manager Rodney Van Dyke have worked closely with subcontractors to increase crews and ensure a successful and timely project completion. As a result, the Roadway Electric team has made schedule gains even with requirements for no traffic restrictions due to the College Bowl Games and the NFL playoff game in early 2016. The project has made great progress – conduit and boxes are over 75% complete. Crews have started installing inner duct in preparation for fiber. The DMS sign foundations have been completed and the cabinet foundations are close to completion. Throughout this process, Roadway Electric has worked closely with ADOT, and continues to coordinate with all stakeholders and subcontractors with the ultimate goal of completing the project on time. To the team: good luck and keep up the good work!

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